Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Around the Web

Not content to parrot the Left's cultural agenda with a gay marriage/DADT story, the writers of Archie are apparently going to follow up with the Occupy movement. Remember when comic books were, y'know, comic books?

At Townhall, Daniel Doherty takes a look at a new plan for saving Social Security.

Pat Buchanan says Israel is more dangerous to America than Iran is. Why do conservatives still give this clown a platform?

Here's the libertarian case against the Confederacy. Given the root of "libertarianism," you'd think that'd be self-explanatory. Wacky libertarians.

A Wisconsin man decides to protest the new voter ID law by....not voting. I wholeheartedly endorse this effort, and encourage the rest of the state's liberals to do the same.

My alma mater, Hillsdale College, is the fifth most prude school in the country? Having spent four years there, I can reassure you that there was no mass confusion or ignorance about sex among the student body.

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