Monday, March 14, 2011

And Now, A Special Message from a Former Classmate (NSFW) - UPDATED: Impostor?

UPDATE: Another set of comments on that thread has appeared, also under my classmate's name, claiming the below comments were left by someone else. On the one hand, both show different email addresses and IP's; on the other hand, I have no idea who else it could have been. On the chance it really is someone else, I've chosen to delete his name from the below post, and remove the offending comments from the original link.

ORIGINAL POST: The other day, a former classmate of mine from Fond du Lac High School interjected himself into an exchange between a couple friends of mine on my Facebook wall, first with a jab at one friend (admittedly a mild one, but a jab nonetheless), then by throwing out a lot of irrelevant jargon that was meant to muddy the water and obscure the entirely obvious, valid point my friend was making.

The exchange wasn't terribly significant, but it did persuade me that someone who I know to be a smug, angry, petulant left-winger, wasn't the sort of person I wanted to waste time with anymore, or the sort I wanted to have access to my private Facebook wall. So I de-friended him.

This morning, I woke up to discover he had placed a couple of comments on my old blog in retaliation. They're rather vulgar, so you'll have to click below the fold to read them:
Your a stupid, nazi idiot, you know nothing about politics and your lucky i dont take a big fat dump on your mothers chest. Shes a stupid skank and so are you thoughts, i would be ashamed if i were you, you scumbag american rat. You smell shit and you look like an asshole with out a vagina,
stupid nigger fuck
Boy, I've really been shown the error of my ways, haven't I? I replied:
I don’t normally publish comments this vulgar, but I’m making an exception, because it amuses me to think that a potential employer might Google your name and come across such a childish, intemperate, and grammatically shoddy tirade. It doesn’t make a substantive argument of any kind or hurt me in any way – it just reveals the caliber of human being you are.

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  1. Hello Calvin,

    My name is Kate, Jeremy's long-term girlfriend.

    I really appreciate that fact that you removed Jeremy's full name from your website. The imposture's comments are terribly distasteful. I can't imagine how troubling it might have been to see such trash appear on your blog.

    Be that as it may, I'd like to address something: "On the one hand, both show different email addresses and IP's; on the other hand, I have no idea who else it could have been."

    Who was it? I wish I knew because Jeremy's distress over the issue has upset me a bit. I can assure you that the mismatched IP addresses tell the extent of the story. We live together in Oshkosh; we both had early morning classes to attend. He was not in southwest Milwaukee at 5-something this morning in order to post such filth. Blissfully snoring in bed, in Oshkosh, is more like it.

    You two may have clashed in the past, but the comments above simply aren't in line with the language he uses. He has significantly more respect for well-reasoned debate than that sort of nonsense. Quite frankly, even if you two disagree, he has more respect for you than to write something like that.

    So, rest assured, whomever the original commenter was, it wasn't Jeremy. I want to reiterate my appreciation for your taking down his formal name though.

    Despite this mess, here's hoping that you have a good remainder of the week.

    (Feel free to double check the authenticity of this message with either Jeremy or Andy.)


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