Saturday, October 16, 2010

John Guardiano's Credibility Is On the Line. Does He Care? (UPDATED)

On October 13, I pointed out that John Guardiano's increasingly-hyperbolic worship of David Frum has always been fatally undermined by Guardiano's refusal to even discuss the primary reasons conservatives oppose Frum (which are far more severe than merely disagreeing with him on a few issues, as Guardiano dishonestly alleges), and challenged him to finally confront the elephant in the room if he valued his credibility.

No response. Our Frumdamentalist friend did, however, pen another another pro-Frum whine fest that day, which also ignored the challenge. So I decided to drop a note in the comments that there was something he might do well to take a look at.

No response. But being directly and repeatedly confronted with his idol's sleaziness and his own going AWOL on the issue didn't stop him yesterday from droning on yet again on Twitter about NRB's "vendetta" against David Frum, and, of course, David Swindle's "viciousness and vitriol" - still insistent on maintaining the fantasy narrative of FrumForum as a respectable site on the receiving end, rather than dishing out, lies and hatred.

You know what, John? I agree with you that "readers would benefit from greater detail and quotes" from our coverage of how FrumForum has conclusively disgraced itself. So why don't you believe in addressing those details or quotes? Granted, maybe you're still debating how to respond. Maybe you've even got a response in the works. But I kind of doubt it, since your misdirection has been going on for months. At what point are we to conclude that you're willfully ignoring evidence that you can't answer and know makes you look bad, and that, deep down, you know you're a shameless apologist for the very sort of character assassin you claim to oppose?

UPDATE: Guardiano has a note in his comments saying that a response is forthcoming, but inasmuch as the notice itself contains blatant dishonesty, I'm not expecting much...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Much Bull Is John Guardiano Full Of?

LOTS. He's predictably showering David Frum with adoration for his handling of the NRB-Knepper affair (click here to see why it's undeserved), droning on and on about Frum's "characteristically gracious and charitable fashion," and how "lucky" people are to have Frum (going so far as to say Frum's "steadfastness and loyalty under fire" would have made him a good Marine. Stop laughing).

The most insufferable thing about Guardiano's hero-worship is that, in whining about how persecuted this great man is, he's never even addressed the main reason most conservatives consider Frum a foe. This Daily Caller piece doesn't contain any actual arguments or defenses of Frum's conduct; merely assertions that it's sincere, substantive, and worthy of respect. Neither does this whine-fest at Guardiano's own site. Back when we were colleagues, I respectfully pointed this out to him a couple times in NewsReal comment threads. Same result.

He veered dangerously close to the fundamental problem with Frum once, but for whatever reason refused to carry his observations to their logical conclusions, or put it in context with Frum's record. No more. It simply doesn't suffice in serious debate to hold and argue for a particular position while totally ignoring the evidence against it. With that in mind, I've got a challenge for John. Here is a partial summary of the dishonesty and character assassination against fellow conservatives that David Frum engages in and endorses. This is why we don't want him to be a part of this movement. If you want to be taken seriously, you can no longer avoid discussing it. Are you willing to say these things are the mark of a "gracious," "loyal," decent man?

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Stupidest Thing I Have Ever Read (UPDATED)

On September 23, I wrote a NewsReal post about abortion and the Tea Party movement, in which I pointed out that supporting the right to life is a moral and philosophical imperative for those who claim to call themselves libertarians. Among the opposing comments was a series of remarks by one Joseph Veca, which may have been the stupidest thing I have ever read. It so perfectly encapsulates why I have so little respect for the libertarian movement - the idiocy, the insanity, the paranoia, and the arrogance - that it demands to be reproduced here for future reference, that the madness might be saved for posterity, for entertainment value, and just maybe, that it might shame a few sane libertarians into reconsidering what their movement has become.

I did some research on the reasons given for abortion, based on what I found, between 1%-3% of abortions reasons fall under the Rape, Incest, Medical Necessity categories.

What should be of note, at the time Roe v. Wade started, those were legal reasons to get an abortion in all 50 states.

As a Catholic and a libertarian, I am totally against abortion and don't have any real objection moral or ethical to laws against it. However, I am also cognizant of the worry many libertarians have about banning abortions, goes under the heading of "The government that has the power to ban, has the power to mandate." Whether or not you agree with it, it will remain with a valid concern. You would do well to remember abortion is mandated in Communist China and way to many member of the Obama administration are big fans of Chairman Mao.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Brief Observation: Ayn Rand vs. the Founding Fathers on Human Nature

Amit Ghate has a piece at Pajamas Media, using Ayn Rand to argue that reason is a superior foundation for morality than religion. I'd love to do a more thorough response to it if I wasn't so busy right now (for those interested, here are parts One, Two, and Three of a debate I had on the subject with an atheist blogger a few years back); For the moment, one quick observation will have to suffice. (Usual disclaimer: I haven't read Rand firsthand.)

Ghate approvingly cites Ayn Rand's rejection of man's fallen nature, saying Rand "sides with the giants of the Enlightenment in considering man to be morally perfectible." However many Enlightenment thinkers may have believed man was "morally perfectible," that was one aspect of Enlightenment thinking the American Founders didn't put much stock in. To the extent that Rand disagrees with Publius on this point, she sides with Progressives.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Blog Post That Should End Two Careers (Updated)

No, not this one. This one. [WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT AT LINK.] My NewsRealBlog colleagues David Swindle and Jenn Public have compiled an absolutely stunning, sickening array of evidence exposing the pedophile tendencies and sympathies of former NRB contributor - and current FrumForum contributor - Alex Knepper. Knepper, you may recall, got canned from NRB and retaliated with a persecution story that didn't hold water. At this point, it goes without saying that this should be the final nail in Knepper's career, and if the reaction of Breitbart and NewsBusters is any indication, it may very well be.

But ultimately, Knepper's a punk of limited significance. More importantly, this post should be the final proof that David Frum has hit rock-bottom, that he doesn't care about the degeneracy of those who prove useful to him, and is therefore as unprincipled as they come and deserves to be ejected from the few remaining corners of the conservative movement in which he somehow isn't seen as a disgrace. Frum apologists and lapdogs like John Guardiano - at least, the ones who still claim to have scruples - can no longer ignore the evidence of Frum's indecency. Those who refuse to abandon this sinking moral ship deserve to go down with it.

UPDATE: Predictably, the pro-dishonesty Guardiano has chosen the sinking ship. That he accuses David Swindle - a socially-liberal blogger with a clear record of supporting not only gay rights, but also (some) gay political causes - of homophobia should be all the proof we need that Guardiano simply does not believe in holding himself to any meaningful standards of honesty and ethics.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Around the Web

Donald Douglas is not convinced that legalizing "medical" marijuana in California is the way to go.

"We rightly insisted upon total denazification; we rightly excoriate those who now attempt to revive the Nazis’ ideology. But the world exhibits a perilous failure to acknowledge the monstrous history of Communism." Indeed.

Crappy Capper is keepin' it classy.

Three, two, one: aww...

I'm sure that Planned Parenthood and the public schools' idea of "comprehensive" sex-ed. includes warnings about this danger...not.

On the FdL Reporter's Opinion Page, a clarion call for a real pastor. (Complete with hate-mongering lies from idiots like Scooman, as usual).

Lastly, the other side of the story behind one of the most famous scenes in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Harrison Ford always shoots first.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogging Update

Senior year at Hillsdale College is keeping me busy, so blogging here at CFO will probably be light for a while (though I'll try to post something every now and then). Thanks for following along, and remember you can still catch me regularly at NewsRealBlog! (Oh, and don't forget the store, either...)

Friday, October 1, 2010

This Is Getting Old

Once again, John Guardiano feels the need to whine about how mean the rest of us are to his hero, David Frum. But as usual, he simply ignores the real reasons we oppose the object of his worship: Frum's proven record of dishonesty and smear-mongering. John, who pretends to care about "vitriolic" pundits making politics "personal, nasty, and vicious," doesn't seem to care that Frum allows his website to run badly-sourced, inflammatory misquotes, ugly and ill-founded insinuations of racism, and smears of the entire pro-life movement for a crime committed by one. John doesn't seem to care that Frum's faux zeal for responsibility doesn't apply to Trig Trutherism crusaders, either. Of course, that might be because John himself is also okay with lying about political opponents - lies which find an outlet at FrumForum. Spare us the crocodile tears, please.
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